Global Regulatory and Compliance Solutions

From strategic planning to submission work to complete management of your regulatory needs, Counsel Strategy has a plan and solution that is right for your unique situation.

Counsel Strategy are experienced Guides in a Tough Regulatory Landscape. Our expertise covers all regulatory requirements and processes: finance, operations, business conduct, compliance, registration and enforcement. We offer the right combination of knowledge, practical expertise and independence to handle your regulatory needs as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Regulatory Intelligence is an expensive, time-consuming and complex undertaking. Getting the regulatory strategy right, recognising the potential pitfalls and understanding the requirements for your specific product is of utmost importance.

We analyse your particular projects and help you to fully understand the regulatory environment, taking into account precedents and current regulatory thinking. In close co-operation with your team, we develop the specific road maps that apply to your projects.

In addition to our Canadian, US, UK and EU regulatory work, alliances with companies from around the world can help our clients gain market access to most other countries.

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