Fashion & Beauty

The fashion and beauty sector is changing rapidly, and with the rise of online boutiques, social media sites, digital fashion magazines, blogs and celebrity endorsements, it is imperative for all involved in these projects to be aware of the market trends, so that clients receive relevant, focused advice for reaching their business goals.

Counsel Strategy provides a one-stop-shop for the fashion and beauty industry, from start-ups to some of the world’s most well-established brands both online and in traditional brick and mortar settings.

Counsel Strategy not only understands rights and commercial contracts, but its fashion consultants know the business inside-out, enabling them to offer tailored solutions and advice on the protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights across branding, licensing and franchising, as well as assisting clients to plan their businesses, protect their rights and manage their contracts.

Experienced in dealing with companies and individuals in the fashion and beauty sector, Counsel Strategy’s experts are able to successfully combine commercial common sense with both legal and business insight, to help clients structure and improve their businesses.

Counsel Strategy’s fashion and beauty work includes: brand strategy and licensing, copyright and design rights, trademarks and passing off, celebrity endorsements, e-commerce, distribution and agency agreements, terms and conditions, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, licensing and merchandising, corporate and employment issues, and reputation management.

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