Contentious Industry Reputation Management

The increase in online media outlets both domestically and globally and the phenomenal uptake of social network sites has resulted in content and news spreading even faster. It is therefore more important than ever for Counsel Strategy’s Reputation Management Group to provide immediate, bespoke advice to clients.

Counsel Strategy’s Reputation Management Group understands and recognises the value of reputation and the damage that can be caused by unjustified or unwanted media attention.

The group’s experts have extensive experience of FMCG and the media and publishing industries which enables them to provide robust advice in time sensitive situations. Increasingly, the team also provides swift specialist advice in relation to international advertising, internet publications and electronic communications, including postings on social media sites, websites and blogs.

Clients include businesses, agencies, brands and regulatory bodies to whom advice is provided in relation to all aspects of reputation management, media, and global coverage and leakage of content.

Advice and representation is provided, both before and after publication, in respect of claims in defamation, breach of confidence, misuse of private information, breach of copyright, malicious falsehood, data protection and any other situations involving the media (including new media) which have the potential to affect adversely the reputation of our clients.

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