Counsel Strategy – World Class Mergers & Acquisitions from $500k to $100m in Revenue

Counsel Strategy’s Approach Focuses on Driving Up the Value of Your Company by Bringing You Multiple Offers from around the world.

We continue to refine our innovative marketing approach to completing successful transactions in the massively underserved middle-market. The firm enjoys an impeccable reputation for integrity, creativity and persistence in delivering results to clients.

M & A (Mergers and Acquisitions) The global marketplace for growing companies has never been stronger. That’s why we discreetly market your company to our network of qualified buyers in and beyond your industry all around the world. Our mission is to find you the right deal with the right buyer. And because that ideal buyer could be located in North America or overseas, we make sure your business wins the attention of potential buyers across the globe.

Counsel Strategy’s deal marketing process and materials—developed over 15 years of international M&A experience—continue to win praise from the buyers we contact. Our rigorous research identifies every possible type of buyer who has the resources to close a deal in a timely manner and the vision to see the growth opportunities your business offers.

Counsel Strategy clients have sold to strategic buyers in their industry, financial buyers (such as private equity firms), and buyers outside their industry seeking an entry platform. While strategic buyers often place the highest value on your company, a private equity can be considered a strategic buyer as well, if they have a related company in their existing portfolio. We are able to find the greatest number of strategic and financial buyers who will pay more due to our research, identification, and blind contact all industry buyers (locally and globally), including directly related industries and closely related industries. In addition, we found that 60% of our client’s buyers were unknown to them at the time we marketed their company.

Once we identify and discreetly contact the right set of strategic and private equity buyers, Counsel Strategy stays committed and works until our client receives the best fit and the best price for their company.

No other M&A firm creates demand for your company the way we do. Counsel Strategy markets your company directly to a broad range of targeted buyers, always maintaining total confidentiality and controlling all access to your information.

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